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Entry Draft

We help all our clients prepare for USHL, OHL, NAHL Entry Draft CombineThis includes advice on testing aspects as well as on the process of interviewing clubs. The ability to provide our clients with an "internal / team preview" is an advantage the GSA has compared to all its competitors.

Pre-season camps

We organize Tryout camps, where we invite the US and Canadian coaches. The goal of the camps is to select potential players to Canada or USA hockey leagues. The camps are attended by our experts, who evaluate the player complexly, not only on the hockey page. Camps are great for every player.

Sport insurance

Unfortunately, career threatens injuries in professional hockey are part of every player's life. GSA is working closely with professionals in the field of sports insurance, to assess each of our requirements. In the final phase, we try to ensure players have the best insurance coverage.


During the season, we visit various matches within Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Our team of scouts is responsibly working on every player's match report. Our goal is to evaluate players who are subject to the draft criteria.

Contract negotiations

Gbur Sports Agency continues to use significant collective experience in contract negotiations for our clients. GSA Certified PHPA Agents have a huge amount of market knowledge and experience, legal training and hockey experience to ensure the best conditions for our clients.